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stock analysis
stock analysis


Hindsight is the easiest way to assess great investment opportunities. You already know which stocks were the big winners and can SAY:  If only I invested in that stock a few years ago. While some people wish they invested in great opportunities before they went mainstream, other investors did just that. They found great investments before they became great investments and loaded up accordingly. Some investors made life changing returns from SATRIX,APPLE,AMAZON and more recently GameStop stock. You  wont make life changing returns from those stocks anymore unless you invest significant money into those stocks. Game Stop for instance has gone UP 1,784% so far this year. The stock could still hit $1000/share based on the sentiment behind it and how people see the stock more for its movement rather than its fundamentals. However, its not like GameStop will go up an additional 1,784%,it would have to become a $400B company. Meanwhile, GameStop is currently valued at $22B. The higher a Stock"s market Cap,the more difficult it is to further achieve "to the Moon"type returns. For it to quadruple in price, Apple would have to influence the stock price of a trillion dollar company versus a company with a market cap under $1B which is where GameStop was before the mania took place.

Fundamental analysis

Conducting a fundamental analysis of a share is not the easiest thing to do for new investors,but an assessment of the quantitative and qualitative factors of stock can serve as a toolbox for helping answer the question: Is this company"s stock a good investment? The intent of this article is to teach basic principles of how to analyze a stock.This is not an exhaustive guide but is meant to serve as a cheat sheet to the fundamental language and thought process behind stock analysis. Because MoneysaverSA has the ambition of making its users fluent in the language of finance-relevant terms are defined through  this article. Throughout  this article, when we refering a stock, we are speaking to all stocks and shares into which ownership of the publically traded company is divided.


The first step to finding stocks that double before everyone else is to ask yourself how and why people noticed stocks like Apple and Amazon in the late 90s and early 2000s. What was the prevailing narrative that tipped off some investors to buy these companies? And no....dont just guess. Its easy to just say, Well, ofcourse the internet was just coming out" It was the iPhone," for Apple. Figure out what people were saying back then and what analysis were saying(for the more modern success stories, you could also check social media, but that option was not available in the early days of stocks like Apple and Amazon) In December 1995, Amazon was averaging  roughly 2,200 daily visitors to its site. In March 1997, Amazon was averaging roughly 80,000 daily visitors to their site. Thats a 3,636% increase in daily visitors to Amazon"s site in under 2 years, and this was back when Amazon just sold books. If you can combine hyper growth numbers with you using, understanding, and enjoying the company,its easier for someone to invest into the company early on.


The holy grail of investing is to identify the winning stocks in the market first. These are the stocks that break all of the records: the outliners.  Studies have shown that the majority of the gains in the stock market over the past few decades are from only a handful of stocks .If your portfolio didnt match have some of these leading stocks,it didnt outperform the market. Knowing that a few winners are all that investors need,these two questions come up: do these prior winners share common traits? If there are are shared attributes, can we systematically find them early?


Studies have shown that the majority of the gains in the stock market over the past decades are from only a handful of stocks,if your portfolio did not have some of these leading stocks- considered" outliers- it did not outperform the market. To identify these outliers,there are three main atrributes investors should be aware of great fundamentals,great fundamentals, great technicals, and unusual institutional trading activity. There are two fundamental attrributes that consistently reveal themselves in great stock: growing sales and growing earnings. A winning stock should have is great technicals over the long term, meaning the stock should be trending higher and achieving new highs. A top stock should have continual demand for the shares by big inveestors. To use the analogy of basketball, a portfolio only needs one Michael Jordan to make all of the difference. Here is an example of what an athlete who is an outlier looks like: MICHAEL JORDAN is an outlier, but there are outlier in every industry, not only sports. They exist in entertainment,business, and investing ( think Warrent Buffett).

Penny Stock

Selecting the right penny stocks to watch can seem daunting, but we have put together this post to help you learn how to find the best penny stocks to buy ideally before they explode..let us dig in ,.......... We usually trade OTC STOCKS listed on the otc markets. But there also low priced stocks listed  on the major exchange like the Nasdaq and NYSE. 


How do you analyse penny stocks? we use technical analysis ,support and resistance levels and patterns on the chart. If you read stock charts  and find reliable patterns, you can  sometimes find penny stocks  before they explode. Does it work every time? of course not. However,the more you can learn and study, the better your penny stock picks can become. 

Where to Look for Penny Stocks?

You can find penny stocks on the regular stock exchanges and the OTC Markets. Find penny stocks that interest you, then conduct  some basic research. How long has the company been active? what has its previous price movements looked like? Spend time studying those charts. In many cases, you are looking  for a catalyst, like exciting news about a product or development. These catalysts often precede spikes. When traders figure out that the company might have something going for it,they frequently strike.